Premier Learning Centers

1200 Gran Crique Parkway, Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: 678-352-0521 Fax: 678-352-0527


  • Ms. Beverley and Mr. E believe in education and Christian values. Their staff and they are making a difference in the lives of the children. They insure that my afterschoolers’ homework is done correctly before they are allowed to play. My two year old is learning to count to ten in English and Spanish and to recognize and say his alphabet. I feel like I am leaving my children in the hands of family and know that they will be well fed and taken care of.
    - C. Maple, mother of five

  • Premier Learning Centers is the best daycare in the area. The teachers are loving and knowledgeable. My son comes home happy everyday and tells me all the details fo the day. He has learned so much while attending the school and will be well prepared for elementary School. I couldn't ask for more.
    - L. Reid, mother of one

  • Ms. Beverley and Mr. E have really made Madison feet at home since we moved to Roswell. She has blossomed as a student and I look forward to many great things from Madison. This is a wonderful school.
    - E. McLin, mother of two

  • Ms. Beverley, Mr. E, and the wonderful staff at Premier Learning Centers have provided a second home for my son. My three year old can read the alphabet and say what each letter stands for. They have made learning such a wonderful experience that his everyday life is now measured in terms of the alphabet and numbers.
    - B. Chatsika, mother of one

  • Premier Learning Centers is promoting educational, emotional, and social grouwth for my son. They instill self control, respect, and an atmosphere for success with the great activities. The amount of information my son is learning will benefit him once he starts school in the fall and attend Premier's Afterschool to contine to reinforce all that he learns.
    - B. Shelton, mother of one