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Dunwoody Springs Elementary

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Easter Seals - Mansell Court

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Our Goal

Our objective at Premier Learning Centers is to provide the best care possible for your child. We foster social, emotional, and academic growth and provide a loving, caring atmosphere where physical affection is freely given. We will instill in each child a feeling of autonomy and a positive self-concept and provide a joyful, enthusiastic and spontaneous approach to the children. We are supportive of parents by encouraging involvement with open and honest communication while using discretion as needed.

The time that you are separated from your child will be as worry free as possible because of our keen and attentive care of each child, proper admistration of medicines, and parent approval for release of children to others. Your child is kept safe because we have a security door which requires a code to enter and security cameras on premises.

Program Description

Each program has its own designated area within the center to provide added safety for your child. In each of the programs we strive to:

  • To promote emotional growth
  • To build self-confidence and a sense of self-worth by allowing choices within limits and to build on successful experiences
  • To provide a warm accepting environment for the children to work and plan in
  • To encourage curiosity and a sense of wonder with emphasis on self-motivation.
  • To promote social growth
  • To promote and instill a sense of caring for, and sensitivity towrds others, by recognition of group needs vs individual differences
  • To promote intellectual growth
  • To instill a sense of curiosity
  • To provide an atmosphere where children discover and explore
  • To teach independence through teaching how and where to find solutions
  • To provide a wide variety of activities within a routine where cooperative play is encouraged
  • To promote physical/motor development
  • For children to use their bodies in a variety of active ways by participating in fine and large motor activities both indoors and outdoors

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